“Enhancing the value of ART and cultural globalization”

Our Vision

Art has so many meanings, it is the practice of thought and creation, one of the wheels of the world for aesthetic endeavor, for expansion of thought and innovation, our goal is to help thoose that produce thoose ideas, made artworks in the Art scene. Contemporary art is always in a state of constant change, the the Art scene for the emerging artists regarding their economy it's a difficult path in order to achive high grounds on galleries and institutions. There have been always cultural barriers set as obstacles for the artists to foresee their future goals or other limitations that do not allow cross cultural transfers in the Art scene today.

The story behind the foundation

As an emerging Artist I found one day my equipment was stolen, my work was hacked, my galleries where taken by others reading my email, my projects where being made by other Artists, I was unable to work, I do always wonder why? Certainly thoose where terrible people, as for giving myself some sort of reason, I thought, still think they knew nothing about Art, life as an artist, etc. I found myself almost helpless they had taken away my life, my art contacts, thoose really important as being emerging, so since I could not work so I travelled with the help of my mother (Miryam Mesa Bedoya) to get work: where to show my art, the work really committed artists do. So I just kept working still do, and made to my self the comittment to to raise funds for those artists that think. Ideas are very valuable and those artists that produce them should be encouraged.


Adriana Ospina Mesa